“Therapy was great. They really pushed me to meet my goals. Everyone at Cambridge has been so kind and helpful.”

– Martin Dawson

“I’m so happy to go home after a long recovery. The providers were great with communicating about my care during my stay. The facility was clean and the staff was friendly.”

– Gary Esposito

“I wish to start out by saying how happy and proud I am that I have completed my physical therapy here at Cambridge. Could not have reached my goal without the wonderful and caring PTs: Rob, Steve and Marriane, and the OTs: Blair, Leivy and Nelly! They encourage you to continue your workout sessions, but only if you have no pain or discomfort doing so. The work they do, and the patience shows how much they love what they do to help others feel good about themselves reaching their goals. The PT gym is well equipped with every equipment possible, including a car to help show you how to get in and out with little effort. I can’t say enough about the gym. But I can say ‘I’m happy I came.’  I went to 3 different facilities for help in the past, and came out thinking “what am I doing here?” That says it all! Cambridge is a very comfortable place and very pleasant to be in while going through your PT sessions. I would like to add it was great to have them come to your room and back for each session. It gives you time to get to know them better and that means a lot.”

– Josephine Dino

“My experience here has been wonderful. The food was spot on! There are tons of activities to do throughout the day to keep me up and going. The staff has been nothing but great to me between nursing, activities, and administration! The salon was definitely a plus, it felt good to be able to get my hair done. I am happy that I am able to return home with great confidence! I will be spreading the word about Cambridge!”

– Mary Gorby

“I always look forward to participating in therapy with my favorite PT therapist, Rob. He is just wonderful; he is helping me gain my strength back! I enjoy the activities in between my therapy sessions and being able to socialize and make new friends at Cambridge. This has been such a great experience; I enjoy my private room and I appreciate all the nursing staff who take care of me every day. The nursing staff go above and beyond and genuinely care for me as a patient. They feel like a second family to me. I would recommend Cambridge to all my friends and family in need of rehab!”

– Mary Chierici

“The atmosphere here is wonderful! I truly appreciate everything the staff did for me; everyone was great, and the food was delicious! I enjoyed participating in activities each and every day with the activities aide, Mary, she makes sure to include me in every activity that’s happening throughout the day. Amanda, the admissions director, makes her rounds daily and takes the time to get to know each patient. Simonetta from housekeeping, kept my room clean. I will definitely refer Cambridge to anyone in need!”

– Bridget Oppedisano

“Cambridge has become my home. The staff here never fails me. Simone, the full-time receptionist, is the best. She goes out of her way every day to check up on me. Whenever I’m hanging out in the lobby or outside, she makes sure I’m having a great day and if there’s anything that I need she’ll get it. My nighttime nurse, Michelle, is someone I can always count on. Sylvia, the activities aide is wonderful, she really makes all the activities so fun. There’s never a day that I don’t see her smiling. I get greeted every morning by Amanda, the admissions director. Little things like that make this place feel so comforting. I give Darren, the administrator, a lot of credit. Whenever I bring anything to his attention he reacts and handles it right then and there. Shiomara and Maryo have been more than helpful! Without a doubt I would recommend this facility to others!”

– Timothy Kaufman

“Thanks to the team here at Cambridge, my stay here was beyond what I expected. The food was beautiful. I had no troubles getting what I asked for. Therapy was excellent. They really know what they’re doing, especially Steve. He really pushed me and that is exactly what I needed. Four weeks ago, I couldn’t move my arm/hands and now I have full mobility again. The therapy I received helped me improve my mobility overall and I’m looking forward to using the skills I learned at home. I enjoyed being able to get out of the room and watch the entertainments that were held here. I would definitely recommend Cambridge to others in need of it! Sincerely,”

– David Crowthers

“Thanks to the team here at Cambridge, my stay here was absolutely wonderful! The cardiac and pulmonary specialty doctors were great! The care here reminds me of a hospital setting with specialty programs! The facility’s cleanliness was exceptional throughout my stay here. With the care from nursing and the help from therapy, I feel 100x better! The food was great and overall, the staff here was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this facility to others!”

– Raymond Zimmack

“Laura and Alexa were great and attentive while I was at Cambridge. They both spent a lot of time with me to help with my recovery. Jim was a great nurse and provided excellent care. I can’t complain about anyone here at Cambridge. Everyone was so nice to me during my stay!”

– Jose Hernandez-Ortiz

“I’m really going to miss all of the girls here. Jim, one of the nurses, took exceptional care of me. Edie was the best aid. We had a lot of laughs together. I would recommend Cambridge Rehabilitation to anyone that needs their services!”

– Linda Slavin

“Laura and Alexa were great and attentive while I was at Cambridge. They both spent a lot of time with me to help with my recovery. Jim was a great nurse and provided excellent care. I can’t complain about anyone here at Cambridge. Everyone was so nice to me during my stay!”

– Jose Hernandez-Ortiz

“Rob and Nelly from therapy were great! My nurse Jim was wonderful and the aids Lamar and Edie were very attentive to my needs!”

– James Barthmaier

“This is Mrs. Pat Davis. My husband Tom is in room 309 in the rehab. I just want to thank all the Staff-Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, all those who gave care to my husband and even the nutritionist staff, just everybody. He’s going home after a month, and the nursing staff have been wonderful and all the CNAs. I just want to tell you that we appreciate and that he’s going home in better health (trust me he couldn’t even stand up) than when he came in a month ago. So I ask God to bless you all and keep you in the center of his will and may you continue to do the calling that each one of you have been given.”

– Mrs. Pat Davis

“They have really good help here! Therapy was great and I liked working with them. I enjoyed my stay here at Cambridge!”

– Francis Mitchell

“I enjoyed my stay at Cambridge! Therapy was excellent to work with. The nurses and aides are good people. They’re all so kind! The concierge helped me a lot and always made sure I had what I needed.”

– Billy Jones

I’m Happy To Call Cambridge My Home!
“The nursing staff is very friendly and hardworking. The therapy staff here is excellent and I’m happy to call Cambridge my home!”

– Ethel Sommers

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