“Rob and Nelly from therapy were great! My nurse Jim was wonderful and the aids Lamar and Edie were very attentive to my needs!”

– James Barthmaier

“This is Mrs. Pat Davis. My husband Tom is in room 309 in the rehab. I just want to thank all the Staff-Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, all those who gave care to my husband and even the nutritionist staff, just everybody. He’s going home after a month, and the nursing staff have been wonderful and all the CNAs. I just want to tell you that we appreciate and that he’s going home in better health (trust me he couldn’t even stand up) than when he came in a month ago. So I ask God to bless you all and keep you in the center of his will and may you continue to do the calling that each one of you have been given.”

– Mrs. Pat Davis

“They have really good help here! Therapy was great and I liked working with them. I enjoyed my stay here at Cambridge!”

– Francis Mitchell

“I enjoyed my stay at Cambridge! Therapy was excellent to work with. The nurses and aides are good people. They’re all so kind! The concierge helped me a lot and always made sure I had what I needed.”

– Billy Jones

I’m Happy To Call Cambridge My Home!
“The nursing staff is very friendly and hardworking. The therapy staff here is excellent and I’m happy to call Cambridge my home!”

– Ethel Sommers

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